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5 Best Things to Do at Home in Rainy Day

By Jennifer Perez , 5BestThings.com Channel Writer
    • Watch Romantic Movies Make it a Romantic Movie Night. All you need to do is: Couple of great romantic movies you haven't seen in a while or ever, call up your girlfriends and ask them over, get some snacks, and get a box of napkins

    • Look through Your Old Pictures. Starting with your baby pictures, you can work your way up to the pictures from your elementary school, the pictures of your first crush in middle school, right to the embarrassing prom dress and to the days of the college partying. you will enjoy it.

    • Host a Cocktail Party, If you are 21 and you do not have a drinking problem, you might have a blast hosting a cocktail party!

    • Treat Yourself to a Home Bath Spa If you are alone at home or if the people in the house do not mind giving you some peace and privacy, you can have the best time treating yourself to a Home Bath Spa. You will feel like a Goddess afterwards and I must warn you.

    • What can be a greater way to spend a winter night at home, than having a nice home-prepared romantic dinner? If you decide to prepare the meal together, it will be even more romantic and fun.
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