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Fun Activities List

By Jennifer Perez , 5BestThings.com Channel Writer
    • Buy a telescope and search out the stars and intergalactic life forms.
    • Go for a walk on a hiking trail or bike ride together in a national park.
    • Go help a charity for the day.
    • Get your bathing suit and go to a water slide.
    • Go to the playground.
    • Hang a bird feeder or go feed some ducks.
    • Have a lemonade sale.
    • Have a puzzle night, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles or even a Sudoku Puzzle.
    • Live in a cabin - with no power or water.
    • Have a Backyard Vacation.
    • Make up a funky dance with your children .
    • Make up some instruments with spoons, ice cream pails and start a band.
    • Research your family tree.
    • Take you lawn chairs blankets and junk food to the all night drive in.
    • Try to get as many family members together in one place.
    • Put on your bikini or swimsuit and have a Water Balloon fight .
    • Take $5 each and go to a garage sale or a thrift store and see who can get the coolest purchases.
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