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Fun Ideas for Guys in Weekend

By Jennifer Perez , 5BestThings.com Channel Writer
  • Golf: Hit the links with your buddies. Play 18 or just 9 holes. Try walking the course over renting a golf cart to build in a little exercise. Consider reserving a table at the 19th hole and have drinks and food waiting for you. If you have a mix of abilities in your group, try playing by "best ball" rules to even out the playing field.

  • Paintball: For the guys who love to shoot things and get dirty paintball is the perfect guys day out activity. Visit your local Army Surplus store and stock up on fatigues. Many paintball facilities will rent out the guns but you can purchase your own at any sporting goods store.

  • Camping: A weekend of hiking, fishing and drinking beer round a fire may be the ultimate guys guy activity. Head to your favorite mountain, lake or river for a weekend of cooking over the fire and "roughing it" with your buddies.

  • Fishing: If fishing is your thing head out to your favorite spot with the guys. Pack some lunch and make a day of it. Consider chartering a boat for something outside what you normally do. You can obtain your fishing license at a vartiey of sporting goods stores.

  • Sports Game: Head out to a baseball, football, basketball game. Get some hot dogs, pretzels and beer and cheer on your team. Head out to your favorite pub afterward to continue the celebration of the win or mourn the loss.
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