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Fun Things to do With Friends (For Girls)

By Jennifer Perez , 5BestThings.com Channel Writer
    • Go to the Beauty salon and get some beauty tips and a makeover.
    • Check out some new hair products or consider a celebrity hairstyle
    • Get together and cheer up a friend that has just been dumped
    • Plan a yearly get together
    • Go pretend shopping for some exotic diamond jewelry
    • Plan a surprise party for someone
    • Get someone to paint your toenails
    • Go to Vegas - Girls Gone Wild
    • Go to the swimwear store and get a new one piece bathing suit or an outrageous bikini
    • Set up a wine tasting
    • Go to the bar in your best outfits - oh and you might as well chip in for a limo
    • Talk about men
    • Have a "lunch with the ladies" and talk about men some more
    • Check out what your friends zodiac sign is and look up their horoscope online
    • Make a funny video and post on Youtube and then tell all your friends
    • Twitter all your friends to meet at a location in the next 15 minutes
    • Hire a portrait photographer and get some fun pictures of the girls or take some naughty photos for your boyfriends
    • Go watch some of those "adult dancers"
    • Have a beer and pizza night
    • Play hooky from work
    • Stay up all night playing risk
    • Rent an outrageous car for the day - like a Ferrari
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