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How You Can Avoid Eating Junk Foods While Watching TV

By Jennifer Perez , 5BestThings.com Channel Writer
    • Choose your priority between junk food and watching TV. Don't do both at the same time. If you can't endure the feeling of not having to eat while watching TV, then find a healthy alternative to junk food.

    • When going to the grocery, don't bring temptation at home. Plan for healthier munchies to replace junk foods like vegetable sticks with dip and fruits. If you want to eat junk food, then get one and eat it when you're out but don't bring it home. However, you may want to limit the intake of junk food altogether.

    • Fill-up your refrigerator with healthy food alternatives to junk food like fruits and vegetables. If a soda or a bag of chips are not visible for the taking, then the whole watching TV activity becomes healthier.

    • Divert your attention to another activity while watching TV. Exercise while watching TV. It's a win-win situation; you watch TV and get healthier at the same time.

    • Find an alternative to watching TV the whole night. Read a good book instead or start out on a new hobby.
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