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Not Recommended to do When you are Bored and Depressed

By Jennifer Perez , 5BestThings.com Channel Writer
    • Drink Alcohol
    • Juggle Fire
    • Swim with Sharks
    • Break stuff
    • Become a smoke jumper
    • Go to the Burning Man Festival
    • Go for a car ride with a lousy driver
    • Kiss the girlfriend/boyfriend of your friend
    • Kiss the girlfriend/boyfriend of someone who can kick your ass
    • Cause a power failure
    • Throw a tomato into a fan
    • Cook Popcorn with the lid off
    • Dodge barbed-wire fences at night.
    • Figure out how to defy gravity
    • Jump off your roof
    • Find trees that are close together and jump from tree to tree
    • Fry bacon when you are naked
    • Forget your spouse's birthday
    • Make a slide down the stairs using mattresses, laundry baskets or inside a sleeping bag
    • Ask a stranger if you can try some of whatever they are eating
    • Wear a Halloween costume any day but Halloween
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5 Best ways to eat more often and still losing weight.

1. Make sure you're buying the right foods: Soups and whole wheat pasta make much better lunches than chips and burgers. Before you start making an effort eating more regularly, make sure your fridge is full of healthy food that's good for you.